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Confirmed Scammers

The top 10 most successful currently active scammers. Listed by total lifetime earnings in USD based on prices at the moment of transaction.

1. A very successful malware scam that has managed to steal 1,400 BTC from one victim alone
Fake Investment1TQNF849XChPDXtkLheoRRCPGgafiRzPM$1,078,102
2. A Chinese investment scam promising high daily returns.
3. One of the addresses used in the Electrum malware scam
4. A fake credit card provider that accepts bitcoin
5. One of the addresses used in the Electrum malware scam
Fake Exchange3PjnVyDJqNYgh2kZ5YYzuWvVt3WuTr334a$663,547
6. A poorly designed but very popular fake exchange called 44optionsfx
Fake Investment1Ayu2DCRsRQJQe6cULPWhp78Bv3tzVouYR$603,033
7. This Chinese investment scam has been able to attract quite a few wealthy investors
Fake Investment3JUnk7MMTfrQGkRZ5ePgTzU2G46o7p6UA1$503,403
8. Finexgen may sound fancy, but it is actually a scam. They do accept Dogecoin though.
Fake Exchange1GvguQFtP8qtjZYKhV7e5ynHfp4K9P2oaY$448,186
9. Very well designed fake exchanges with only a few translation errors.
Fake Investment1JyBBh721r9R5wjykNTjyJtbdEuaLoTEwg$409,569
10. A very successful investment scam that has been active for almost a year